Running Out Of Thyme

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Timing was everything in this recipe.

I think this is was one of the few time I’d actually put my stopwatch (thanks iPhone) to good use

This was the first time I’d ever baked Camembert & I wanted to get it perfect (& I did tf)

I bought a branch of rosemary from the local market which I knew would add some amazing flavour to the cheese.

I had a stale baguette in the cupboard which I knew would make amazing toasted slices, the idea of butter & thyme wasn’t as typical as garlic bread & with the rosemary baked Camembert, when dipped those flavours would complement each other so greatly.

Adding garlic croutons to the peppers was random but successful, I bought a bag a while back with the intention of adding them to a salad (and obviously never got to it)

My bf enjoyed it, one of the few veg only meals that he’s completely enjoyed (yass)

And of course I did too 

I don’t think I found anything particularly tricky in this recipe, the oven does most of the work

..but remember thyming is everything xx

You Butter nut!

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Had the day off today and decided to go all out.

My initial idea was to make butternut squash soup but nearly all of the good recipe’s i found said i needed a blender (*cries*) so i decided to try something not so predictable..

I had some blue cheese from my non-meat diet shop (lol) and fresh spinach which to be honest i’d never really cooked with before so was Very excited to use.

It was a long process..this recipe is not for the faint hearted or those looking for a quick dinner fix..

It was my first try AND i was taking pictures so my stress levels were through the roof but it was worth it

Don’t mean to scare people away, the recipe itself is not hard! what was hard for me was baking the butternut squash itself in the oven, i’d never done it before so i was constantly checking to make sure it was cooked to the correct degree.. not too soft but not so hard   ..i would definitely recommend trying this recipe!!

I can actually confidently say this is the best recipe i have ever created 

Trial & Error works guys! 


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