Tagliatelle Tales

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I went home to London for the Easter break, definitely missed my London Town

The road rage..the underground rush..the people packed streets..smells like chaos (..but feels like home)

The Train Journey home was wild.


The first meal i made for my family had to include prawns (my mum loves them)

I went for Tagliatelle because i’d recently been inspired by a youtube vid of a recipe for a sicillian pasta dish by Jamie Oliver, so i decided pasta had to be the theme

Tagliatelle was on offer at Tesco (Double Whammy!)

& so was basil & coriander (a sign from the universe, right?)


The result was Amazing!

i slightly overcooked my pasta ( which i was so pissed about!)

Everything else was perfect,

I promise you the chives take the sauce to another level..


Smile whist you taste the difference..it’ll make it taste that much sweeter..

Sundried Spice

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It felt like  Spaghetti kind of day

I’ve been wanting to use red wine in a recipe since forever, a tomato & spaghetti dish seemed like the ideal combo.




Gourmet Gournay

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My latest creation “Gournay cheese stuffed mushrooms with Red onion & Chives”

My idea for a stuffed mushrooms dish didn’t at all come naturally to me, after months of dominoes dinners and Chinese Takeaways, the pounds have certainly piled on..my solution: A Two Week Vegetarian Diet..Ivor will be joining me on this journey (no one better than your partner to offer moral support & keep you from falling off track). This was ambitious..we lasted 4 days..let’s leave it at that

No better way to begin our vegetarian journey!

This veggie delightful meal was nothing less of flavoursome and colourful..the colour of the chives against the mushroom tingled my senses more than it should have…that’s how you know I’m a foodie, appreciation of detail

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