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I was eager to make Dulce de Leche for weeks since my bf showed me a youtube video of someone making it (not the recipe i used but i’ll get to that in a bit), i was instantly fascinated by the Spanish dessert

Between Uni & work i’ve barely had time to bake, but this was a recipe i was determined to make time for
Dulce itself although delicious didn’t really pose as a “proper” dessert for me, it’s sweet & brown complexion likens to caramel (& so in taste), and as people don’t really make a habit out of eating caramel out of cans, i’d very quickly decided i wanted to make a flan..

I chose to add a biscuit base because quite frankly i was terrified of fucking up the bottom of the flan (which is actually the top) & so assured (slightly cheated) the structure of my bake with a strong (but not too hard) butter &  Golden syrup base.

I love strawberries & Lime! Whether it’s k-opping a Kopperberg
or a beautiful Strawberry key Lime pie


After just under 3 hours of cooking I had an amazing dulce..

I made a mini one to test..that fucked up majorly ..let’s just say there’s a reason it’s not pictured (cry)

I left my Dulce in the fridge overnight because i finished baking at like 12pm..but i’d recommend a minimum of 2 hours to really allow it to set & to allow the tangy Strawberries to seep into the flan


It was like sex in my mouth. ridiculously good

(It says 7 servings but really it’s just for one)

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