Serene Sriracha

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This had me breathing real serene too haha!

I LOVE Chinese food, ask anyone, I LIVE for sweet and sour chicken and chow mein. It’s an illness.

It was never the question of “if” I’d eventually try my hand at a Chinese dish, but rather “when” and my day off from uni seemed like the perfect day for my first attempt.

The weather was perfect, not too warm, not too cold.

It took me SUCH  a long time to find cornstarch, seriously 2 hours could have been put to good use elsewhere, but nearly every recipe that looked good to me listed it in the ingredients as compulsory (I thought, let’s not break the wheel)

Finally found it in a small Arab shop a few mins from my house.. it said “cornflour” on the front but in the ingredients it listed “cornstarch” as it’s main component. Was annoyed to realise I could have gotten it at other stores I had tried, had I looked at the back.


I was scared I wouldn’t get the chicken crispy, but I solved that pretty quickly (Pat the chicken down with paper towels before you add to the batter to adsorb the moisture & get an extra crispy coating).

When we sat at the table to enjoy this, we almost ate in silence (sign of a good meal..right?)

We savoured every bite..& found serenity

This dish will definitely be featured in “The Experience”’d be cruel to keep it from you haha

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