Vanilla Daydreams

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This idea came to me in a daydream.


I was sitting in my Uni lecture (last lecture of the term..whoop whoop!) and I was thinking about how I’d never made sweet potato soup before,

I think my obsession with soup started when after I made that amazing butternut squash soup ..which obviously gave me a slight obsession with developing creams (hence my basil & vanilla cream creation)..but I don’t think obsession is a bad thing, if it leads to something productive..

IMG_3929    IMG_3940 (2)

Basil is bitter. My initial thought was to add sugar, but then I thought the flavour would just clash to much with the sweetness of the soup, so instead of sweet…

I decided to go with fragrant..and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m never lacking in vanilla ..I felt like vanilla had a shy sweetness to it that could offer unique flavour ..& boy was I right


It tasted & looked like a daydream


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My cheese grater proved to be very helpful in this recipe..

Everyone should have a cheese grater in their home, a kitchen is not complete without one.

I had some massive spuds in but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them..i thought jacket potato might be a good idea,then i thought “how predictable”.. I’m more for trying recipe’s that excite me..

Once i’d decided on potato gratin

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