Running Out Of Thyme

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Timing was everything in this recipe.

I think this is was one of the few time I’d actually put my stopwatch (thanks iPhone) to good use

This was the first time I’d ever baked Camembert & I wanted to get it perfect (& I did tf)

I bought a branch of rosemary from the local market which I knew would add some amazing flavour to the cheese.

I had a stale baguette in the cupboard which I knew would make amazing toasted slices, the idea of butter & thyme wasn’t as typical as garlic bread & with the rosemary baked Camembert, when dipped those flavours would complement each other so greatly.

Adding garlic croutons to the peppers was random but successful, I bought a bag a while back with the intention of adding them to a salad (and obviously never got to it)

My bf enjoyed it, one of the few veg only meals that he’s completely enjoyed (yass)

And of course I did too 

I don’t think I found anything particularly tricky in this recipe, the oven does most of the work

..but remember thyming is everything xx

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