1. Cut sweet potatoes (in two or three- depending on size; this’ll help them cook quicker) and put into pot of boiling water -over a steam tray (one of the most valuable kitchen items one can have) and boil till cooked (stick a knife into the potato, if it goes through easily it’s done) whilst you’re waiting..Take 2 cuts of salmon and season marinade in: salt, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, sriracha hot sauce and honey, leave to marinade whilst potatoes are cooking.
  2. When cooked, leave potatoes to cool for 2 mins. Peel skin & put into large tray (preferably mid deep tray..things could get messy) mash the potato and add chopped red onions, coriander, lime, thyme, salt, garlic powder & ginger. Mix together (use your hands..never be afraid to get them dirty).
  3. Add one egg, mix well and add the cup of flour slowly making sure everywhere is covered as evenly as possible (although there’s no need to be OCD about it) mix well.
  4. Add 5 tablespoons of olive oil, heat pan (to a frying heat). Roll sweet potato mixture into small balls and pat down into circles and cook in frying pan until golden (remember your sweet potato is already cooked so don’t over do it!)
  5. Take marinaded salmon and add to hot pan with olive oil, skin side down. flip and repeat until cooked
  6. Add Asparagus to grill pan with olive oil, butter, & ginger, cut tomato in half and allow juices of the tomato to soften asparagus whilst cooking.
  7. Sprinkle salmon with sesame seeds and chives.
  8. When done plate up accordingly and voila! Enjoy…