1. Peel potatoes and add to pan on medium/high heat, with salt and boiled kettle water, allow to cook until soft.
  2. Wash chicken breasts and marinade in: Ginger root, lime zest, cumin, 5 spice, chilli powder & honey. Allow to sit for 10 mins
  3. Finely chop: red onion, green,yellow & red peppers, tomato & cucumber (you will use this in you couscous later)
  4. Add chicken to pan with 3 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat and pre-heat oven at gas mark 5
  5. Remove couscous from bag and add to pan with boiled kettle water (follow the instructions on the pack- cook time depends on type), allow to simmer on heat for 4 mins (medium consistency; cooked but not soft). Allow to sit in wide baking tray to cool
  6. Once potatoes are cooked remove from heat, mash with potato masher (or delicately with fork), add 2 Tablespoons of butter along with 3 Tablespoons of milk & garlic salt and black pepper
  7. Add 1-2 cups of flour depending on consistency & mix together thoroughly (if you feel your potatoes are too moist to hold its structure when fried, add more flour..but not too much! you don’t want to taste flour when you take a bite into it’s soft center), allow to sit for 5 mins
  8. Keep an eye on the chicken, it should be golden by now. Remove from pan and add to baking tray, lavish 1 tablespoon of honey onto the top of each breast, and add to pre heated oven for 5-10 mins (just to allow the sweetness of the honey to incorporate into the vibrant mediterranean flavours). Watch the chicken during this process, the sweetness to the honey should caramelised and not burn.Remove the chicken from the oven immediately and let rest in room temperature – we don’t want the heat of the oven to dry out the juices of the’s the best part)
  9. Add cooled couscous to medium/hot wok pan with olive oil. fold/stir for 2 mins and add soy sauce, fry for another 1 min and add to previous baking tray to cool
  10. Slice radishes in fours. Add to hot pan with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and fry for 3 mins.
  11. Add previously chopped: red onion, green,yellow & red peppers, tomato & cucumber to cooled couscous, along with radishes. Mix well. Add Balsamic vinegar & olive oil vinaigrette (& parsley  if you want/have some at hand)
  12. Add 6 Tablespoons of olive oil in frying pan on medium heat, allow 30 seconds. Use a spoon (or your  hands) to shape/form small/medium sized balls and add to pan individually. Flatten the top of each ball to form a “patty” shape (this also allows the potato to cook more evenly – we want a soft center but not mushy). Assure each side is golden & crispy, remove from pan onto bed of paper towels and allow excess grease to be removed. Repeat until you have enough to satisfy your needs.
  13. Add mustard and honey to small dish (your honey mustard sauce is complete. simplicity at it’s best
  14. Your meal is complete. Plate up! Sprinkle hibiscus flower for a floral aroma
  15. Voila enjoy (& don’t forget to leave a comment 😉 )