Vanilla Daydreams

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This idea came to me in a daydream.


I was sitting in my Uni lecture (last lecture of the term..whoop whoop!) and I was thinking about how I’d never made sweet potato soup before,

I think my obsession with soup started when after I made that amazing butternut squash soup ..which obviously gave me a slight obsession with developing creams (hence my basil & vanilla cream creation)..but I don’t think obsession is a bad thing, if it leads to something productive..

IMG_3929    IMG_3940 (2)

Basil is bitter. My initial thought was to add sugar, but then I thought the flavour would just clash to much with the sweetness of the soup, so instead of sweet…

I decided to go with fragrant..and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m never lacking in vanilla ..I felt like vanilla had a shy sweetness to it that could offer unique flavour ..& boy was I right


It tasted & looked like a daydream

Characterising Crepes

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I had an essay due that i was finding hard to complete.

I needed some sweet inspiration

Crepes are my go to comfort food (before i my bf bought me a waffle iron- yass!)

Salmon was on offer at my local, so it seemed like the perfect fit.


The process was quick (which was just what i needed)

The result was delicious (which was just what i needed)

Creamy sensation

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My bf bought a blender!!! Excitement x 1000! The unfortunate realization that i didn’t have a food blender and so was unable to try out a butternut squash soup recipe led to my creation of my stuffed butternut squash 

I live in an ethnically diverse area and i have the cutest little food markets around which supply fresh (& cheap) food..

Finding butternut squash was fairly easy.

The whole process was so easy & simple no one could mess up this recipe..

All you need to do is boil, sit back & watch..



I made a batch of my thyme ‘n’ butter bread to accompany..the result? A creamy sensation.

Sea Bass dreamin’

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My Kitty looked so sad today, so i spoilt him with some fresh salmon

Before of course i realized i potentially fed him my dinner *thinks about all the salmon recipes she can no longer make*

I did a huge shop for my vegetarian diet earlier this week & bought a load of fish naturally..

I’d never tried sea bass before so of course curiosity caught me

This recipe was a great healthy kick start to my long day at work

……But i must admit i got cocky and decided i was too good to watch the new potatoes on the heat (and decided to hop into the shower) …“quel dommage”….Overcooked by 5 mins, regretted for a lifetime

This recipe took me about 35 mins (including plating up) ..Almost made me late for work but boy would it have been worth it


Sweetbread sweetness

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Came home from uni absolutely famished. I made a point of seeing how long i would last without pigging out on a £6 panini.. long story short it seems my self control is getting a lot better (Ten points to Gryffindor!! )

I still had some sweetbread left from when i made the spinach & pomegranate salad so i decided to make a creative sandwich.

My initial idea was french toast (minus the ridiculous adding of sugar) because sweetbread is already..well..sweet (one would never have guessed..). I had some fresh spinach chilling in the fridge which i was eager to use before the sell by date (because as a student there’s nothing worse than being poor and watching your food go off)


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