Tagliatelle Tales

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I went home to London for the Easter break, definitely missed my London Town

The road rage..the underground rush..the people packed streets..smells like chaos (..but feels like home)

The Train Journey home was wild.


The first meal i made for my family had to include prawns (my mum loves them)

I went for Tagliatelle because i’d recently been inspired by a youtube vid of a recipe for a sicillian pasta dish by Jamie Oliver, so i decided pasta had to be the theme

Tagliatelle was on offer at Tesco (Double Whammy!)

& so was basil & coriander (a sign from the universe, right?)


The result was Amazing!

i slightly overcooked my pasta ( which i was so pissed about!)

Everything else was perfect,

I promise you the chives take the sauce to another level..


Smile whist you taste the’ll make it taste that much sweeter..

Saltfish Memories

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Had The best easter with my family last week. We all went up to my Aunt’s in peterborough, it was as windy as ever, but i suppose i’m used to it, as Southampton winds could probably carry you to your uni lecture quicker than your feet could lol.

One thing i love about family get togethers is the spectrum of flavoursome & heart warming fooddefinitely feels like home

One of the dishes that never fails to occupy the table is African delicacy that’ll have you missing ready salted crisps for a while

Unfortunately i didn’t take as many photos of the food as i’d hoped i would.

However the images still make me smile..



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