Vanilla Daydreams

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This idea came to me in a daydream.


I was sitting in my Uni lecture (last lecture of the term..whoop whoop!) and I was thinking about how I’d never made sweet potato soup before,

I think my obsession with soup started when after I made that amazing butternut squash soup ..which obviously gave me a slight obsession with developing creams (hence my basil & vanilla cream creation)..but I don’t think obsession is a bad thing, if it leads to something productive..

IMG_3929    IMG_3940 (2)

Basil is bitter. My initial thought was to add sugar, but then I thought the flavour would just clash to much with the sweetness of the soup, so instead of sweet…

I decided to go with fragrant..and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m never lacking in vanilla ..I felt like vanilla had a shy sweetness to it that could offer unique flavour ..& boy was I right


It tasted & looked like a daydream

Running Out Of Thyme

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Timing was everything in this recipe.

I think this is was one of the few time I’d actually put my stopwatch (thanks iPhone) to good use

This was the first time I’d ever baked Camembert & I wanted to get it perfect (& I did tf)

I bought a branch of rosemary from the local market which I knew would add some amazing flavour to the cheese.

I had a stale baguette in the cupboard which I knew would make amazing toasted slices, the idea of butter & thyme wasn’t as typical as garlic bread & with the rosemary baked Camembert, when dipped those flavours would complement each other so greatly.

Adding garlic croutons to the peppers was random but successful, I bought a bag a while back with the intention of adding them to a salad (and obviously never got to it)

My bf enjoyed it, one of the few veg only meals that he’s completely enjoyed (yass)

And of course I did too 

I don’t think I found anything particularly tricky in this recipe, the oven does most of the work

..but remember thyming is everything xx

Serene Sriracha

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This had me breathing real serene too haha!

I LOVE Chinese food, ask anyone, I LIVE for sweet and sour chicken and chow mein. It’s an illness.

It was never the question of “if” I’d eventually try my hand at a Chinese dish, but rather “when” and my day off from uni seemed like the perfect day for my first attempt.

The weather was perfect, not too warm, not too cold.

It took me SUCH  a long time to find cornstarch, seriously 2 hours could have been put to good use elsewhere, but nearly every recipe that looked good to me listed it in the ingredients as compulsory (I thought, let’s not break the wheel)

Finally found it in a small Arab shop a few mins from my house.. it said “cornflour” on the front but in the ingredients it listed “cornstarch” as it’s main component. Was annoyed to realise I could have gotten it at other stores I had tried, had I looked at the back.


I was scared I wouldn’t get the chicken crispy, but I solved that pretty quickly (Pat the chicken down with paper towels before you add to the batter to adsorb the moisture & get an extra crispy coating).

When we sat at the table to enjoy this, we almost ate in silence (sign of a good meal..right?)

We savoured every bite..& found serenity

This dish will definitely be featured in “The Experience”’d be cruel to keep it from you haha

Mediterranean Madness

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I honestly don’t know what led me to think making such an elaborate meal on a week night was a good idea.

I have to say i almost dropped the camera a few times whilst cooking, a heart palpitation driving thought (seeing as i can barely afford to pay the match for the camera i’ve already got-Canon EOS 450D )

Anyway meditteranean was the theme, & excellence was the dream…which surprisingly came true.


There’s not a single bite that i didn’t enjoy. It was like being in Morocco with the heat & sweetness of the air (a heartwarming thought being on this side of the UK. Southampton = The wind carries you to uni..a bit dramatic..but still..)

I had some help from the boys which was nice, Felipe saved my radishes from burning (thanks felipe!)

<<This was the first time i had ever cooked with radishes, i was curious about the vegetable as my local always had them on offer, but i had no idea what to do with them…when in doubt fry..right?

My cat kept me company whilst i was frying the couscous, the best kind of distraction (the reason why i don’t have any pics of the couscous frying process, sorry! I try to give a consistent photographic timeline for the gallery)


dvdv (2)


Anyway here he is being all pretty & stuff.

Oh and don’t make this meal on a weeknight! Enjoy it on the weekend, you want to take your time with this & savour all your effort  x


Tagliatelle Tales

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I went home to London for the Easter break, definitely missed my London Town

The road rage..the underground rush..the people packed streets..smells like chaos (..but feels like home)

The Train Journey home was wild.


The first meal i made for my family had to include prawns (my mum loves them)

I went for Tagliatelle because i’d recently been inspired by a youtube vid of a recipe for a sicillian pasta dish by Jamie Oliver, so i decided pasta had to be the theme

Tagliatelle was on offer at Tesco (Double Whammy!)

& so was basil & coriander (a sign from the universe, right?)


The result was Amazing!

i slightly overcooked my pasta ( which i was so pissed about!)

Everything else was perfect,

I promise you the chives take the sauce to another level..


Smile whist you taste the’ll make it taste that much sweeter..

Saltfish Memories

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Had The best easter with my family last week. We all went up to my Aunt’s in peterborough, it was as windy as ever, but i suppose i’m used to it, as Southampton winds could probably carry you to your uni lecture quicker than your feet could lol.

One thing i love about family get togethers is the spectrum of flavoursome & heart warming fooddefinitely feels like home

One of the dishes that never fails to occupy the table is African delicacy that’ll have you missing ready salted crisps for a while

Unfortunately i didn’t take as many photos of the food as i’d hoped i would.

However the images still make me smile..



Sundried Spice

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It felt like  Spaghetti kind of day

I’ve been wanting to use red wine in a recipe since forever, a tomato & spaghetti dish seemed like the ideal combo.





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My cheese grater proved to be very helpful in this recipe..

Everyone should have a cheese grater in their home, a kitchen is not complete without one.

I had some massive spuds in but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them..i thought jacket potato might be a good idea,then i thought “how predictable”.. I’m more for trying recipe’s that excite me..

Once i’d decided on potato gratin

Creamy sensation

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My bf bought a blender!!! Excitement x 1000! The unfortunate realization that i didn’t have a food blender and so was unable to try out a butternut squash soup recipe led to my creation of my stuffed butternut squash 

I live in an ethnically diverse area and i have the cutest little food markets around which supply fresh (& cheap) food..

Finding butternut squash was fairly easy.

The whole process was so easy & simple no one could mess up this recipe..

All you need to do is boil, sit back & watch..



I made a batch of my thyme ‘n’ butter bread to accompany..the result? A creamy sensation.

You Butter nut!

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Had the day off today and decided to go all out.

My initial idea was to make butternut squash soup but nearly all of the good recipe’s i found said i needed a blender (*cries*) so i decided to try something not so predictable..

I had some blue cheese from my non-meat diet shop (lol) and fresh spinach which to be honest i’d never really cooked with before so was Very excited to use.

It was a long process..this recipe is not for the faint hearted or those looking for a quick dinner fix..

It was my first try AND i was taking pictures so my stress levels were through the roof but it was worth it

Don’t mean to scare people away, the recipe itself is not hard! what was hard for me was baking the butternut squash itself in the oven, i’d never done it before so i was constantly checking to make sure it was cooked to the correct degree.. not too soft but not so hard   ..i would definitely recommend trying this recipe!!

I can actually confidently say this is the best recipe i have ever created 

Trial & Error works guys! 


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