Characterising Crepes

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I had an essay due that i was finding hard to complete.

I needed some sweet inspiration

Crepes are my go to comfort food (before i my bf bought me a waffle iron- yass!)

Salmon was on offer at my local, so it seemed like the perfect fit.


The process was quick (which was just what i needed)

The result was delicious (which was just what i needed)

Dulce Desire

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I was eager to make Dulce de Leche for weeks since my bf showed me a youtube video of someone making it (not the recipe i used but i’ll get to that in a bit), i was instantly fascinated by the Spanish dessert

Between Uni & work i’ve barely had time to bake, but this was a recipe i was determined to make time for
Dulce itself although delicious didn’t really pose as a “proper” dessert for me, it’s sweet & brown complexion likens to caramel (& so in taste), and as people don’t really make a habit out of eating caramel out of cans, i’d very quickly decided i wanted to make a flan..

I chose to add a biscuit base because quite frankly i was terrified of fucking up the bottom of the flan (which is actually the top) & so assured (slightly cheated) the structure of my bake with a strong (but not too hard) butter &  Golden syrup base.

I love strawberries & Lime! Whether it’s k-opping a Kopperberg
or a beautiful Strawberry key Lime pie


After just under 3 hours of cooking I had an amazing dulce..

I made a mini one to test..that fucked up majorly ..let’s just say there’s a reason it’s not pictured (cry)

I left my Dulce in the fridge overnight because i finished baking at like 12pm..but i’d recommend a minimum of 2 hours to really allow it to set & to allow the tangy Strawberries to seep into the flan


It was like sex in my mouth. ridiculously good

(It says 7 servings but really it’s just for one)


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One word to describe how i felt making my first cheesecake.

I did a lot of research and couldn’t find a recipe to satisfy my needs..except one

I came across this recipe by a food blogger Susi’s Kochen und backen adventures which looked amazing

I altered the recipe a little & created the perfect combination.

Whilst enjoying a slice of this i found myself heading back online and peering back at a few of her recipes when my eyes drifted towards the blog archive section..

I saw..2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014, then for a moment i thought to myself, how could someone who was so passionate about food lose consistency?.. it made me think; That won’t be me..

It’s easy to lose motivation but hard to lose a passion. And if i know me after 21 years on this earth is: When i’m passionate about something, i definitely make it known

This cheesecake was a perfect example of how food is also good for the mind.

So here’s to many more blog posts and recipes(&passion)

Think a little, live a little, eat cheesecake

Brownie Heaven

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I wrote cute little blog post earlier but unfortunately my internet connection decided i don’t deserve happiness and disappeared mid upload *cries*

But anyway..

My local had Hersheys Cookies and cream on offer so brownies came to mind..

My bf is always chugging down this Spanish hot chocolate type drink “Cola cao” so this seemed like the perfect base for the brownie mix..and i was right

I searched for a few recipe’s online to guide me but none really excited me enough to follow..

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