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My cheese grater proved to be very helpful in this recipe..

Everyone should have a cheese grater in their home, a kitchen is not complete without one.

I had some massive spuds in but wasn’t quite sure what to do with them..i thought jacket potato might be a good idea,then i thought “how predictable”.. I’m more for trying recipe’s that excite me..

Once i’d decided on potato gratin

Creamy sensation

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My bf bought a blender!!! Excitement x 1000! The unfortunate realization that i didn’t have a food blender and so was unable to try out a butternut squash soup recipe led to my creation of my stuffed butternut squash 

I live in an ethnically diverse area and i have the cutest little food markets around which supply fresh (& cheap) food..

Finding butternut squash was fairly easy.

The whole process was so easy & simple no one could mess up this recipe..

All you need to do is boil, sit back & watch..



I made a batch of my thyme ‘n’ butter bread to accompany..the result? A creamy sensation.

You Butter nut!

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Had the day off today and decided to go all out.

My initial idea was to make butternut squash soup but nearly all of the good recipe’s i found said i needed a blender (*cries*) so i decided to try something not so predictable..

I had some blue cheese from my non-meat diet shop (lol) and fresh spinach which to be honest i’d never really cooked with before so was Very excited to use.

It was a long process..this recipe is not for the faint hearted or those looking for a quick dinner fix..

It was my first try AND i was taking pictures so my stress levels were through the roof but it was worth it

Don’t mean to scare people away, the recipe itself is not hard! what was hard for me was baking the butternut squash itself in the oven, i’d never done it before so i was constantly checking to make sure it was cooked to the correct degree.. not too soft but not so hard   ..i would definitely recommend trying this recipe!!

I can actually confidently say this is the best recipe i have ever created 

Trial & Error works guys! 


Gourmet Gournay

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My latest creation “Gournay cheese stuffed mushrooms with Red onion & Chives”

My idea for a stuffed mushrooms dish didn’t at all come naturally to me, after months of dominoes dinners and Chinese Takeaways, the pounds have certainly piled solution: A Two Week Vegetarian Diet..Ivor will be joining me on this journey (no one better than your partner to offer moral support & keep you from falling off track). This was ambitious..we lasted 4 days..let’s leave it at that

No better way to begin our vegetarian journey!

This veggie delightful meal was nothing less of flavoursome and colourful..the colour of the chives against the mushroom tingled my senses more than it should have…that’s how you know I’m a foodie, appreciation of detail

Sea Bass dreamin’

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My Kitty looked so sad today, so i spoilt him with some fresh salmon

Before of course i realized i potentially fed him my dinner *thinks about all the salmon recipes she can no longer make*

I did a huge shop for my vegetarian diet earlier this week & bought a load of fish naturally..

I’d never tried sea bass before so of course curiosity caught me

This recipe was a great healthy kick start to my long day at work

……But i must admit i got cocky and decided i was too good to watch the new potatoes on the heat (and decided to hop into the shower) …“quel dommage”….Overcooked by 5 mins, regretted for a lifetime

This recipe took me about 35 mins (including plating up) ..Almost made me late for work but boy would it have been worth it


Sweet salmon luvin’

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On my way back from uni i hit the shops and salmon was on offer, naturally being a student one must take advantage of all offers..

I had a bag of sweet potatoes which i knew i wanted to use but wasn’t sure how to present it .. i had the idea to make sweet potatoe fries at first but decided to go for something more flavoursome and colourful..& what i created was just that

I think the sweet potato patties are the best thing i’ve made in a long while, they’re easy to make, healthy, & store well …don’t you love it when few ingredients go so far

Tantalizing Tortellini

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I got home from work at 12pm last night & was absolutely exhausted 

I needed a quick fix (excuse the drug addict language) and tortellini was convenient as I purchased a bag of chicken and bacon tortellini a couple days ago …now i realize this broke my whole “no-meat diet” thing i had going on but to be honest when you’re that hungry the last thing you want to eat is veg so I spoiled myself with bacon

sue me!

balsamic vinegar with red onions, mushroom & bacon …one word …YUM


Sweetbread sweetness

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Came home from uni absolutely famished. I made a point of seeing how long i would last without pigging out on a £6 panini.. long story short it seems my self control is getting a lot better (Ten points to Gryffindor!! )

I still had some sweetbread left from when i made the spinach & pomegranate salad so i decided to make a creative sandwich.

My initial idea was french toast (minus the ridiculous adding of sugar) because sweetbread is already..well..sweet (one would never have guessed..). I had some fresh spinach chilling in the fridge which i was eager to use before the sell by date (because as a student there’s nothing worse than being poor and watching your food go off)


Brownie Heaven

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I wrote cute little blog post earlier but unfortunately my internet connection decided i don’t deserve happiness and disappeared mid upload *cries*

But anyway..

My local had Hersheys Cookies and cream on offer so brownies came to mind..

My bf is always chugging down this Spanish hot chocolate type drink “Cola cao” so this seemed like the perfect base for the brownie mix..and i was right

I searched for a few recipe’s online to guide me but none really excited me enough to follow..

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